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Fredericton Foodies’ Local Food Potluck

April 19, 2010
Last weekend, representative with the Fredericton Plant a Row, Grow a Row attended the Fredericton Foodies’ Local Food Potluck at the Conservation Council. Over 50 people were there to enjoy great food and great conversation!

Maritime Kitchen Cupboard

Tickets were being sold for the Maritime Kitchen Cupboard–a local food basket made up of delicious items for your pantry!  If you would like to purchase tickets email to

Folks enjoying some delicious local food and chatting about food issues

We were able to talk to a lot of people about the Plant a Row, Grow a Row campaign and once again, everyone seemed enthusiastic! Hopefully we’ll see a lot of the folks at our May 8 Spring Kick-Off event at Renaissance College.  We hope to see you there too! Check out the “Events” section for more details on the Spring Kick-Off event.

Earth Hour at the Fredericton Market

April 19, 2010

On Saturday March 27, the Fredericton Plant a Row, Grow a Row campaign was officially launched as we set up at the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market for the Earth Hour event.

Our crank-powered light and showcasing seeds

To our right there was an amazing drum circle banging out some beats and setting the mood of excitement. Folks were pilling in to our left and were greeted by David Coburn who was giving away cups of delicious apple cider. Wind up flashlights were being passed out to new arrivals in preparation for sun-down when things would be getting pretty dark.  Soon, the Downtown Blues Band started to play familiar tunes without the help of amps or microphones. By now the Market was getting pretty full!

Folks arriving at the Earth Hour event

Over at the Plant a Row, Grow a Row booth, we talked to folks as they strolled around and passed out brochures. Everyone seemed enthusiastic about the idea of planting an extra row of vegetables for the Fredericton Food Bank! Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing quite a few donations come in to the Food Bank this summer.

Kerri, ready for the crowd!

Hope to see you at our next event: the Fredericton Foodies’ Local Food Potluck! April 10  11:00am-2:00pm  @ the Conservation Council!

March 26, 2010